Common Sense

Common Sense Teaching and Learning Toward Social Justice – Kumashiro

Kumashiro states that common sense “often makes it easy to continue teaching and learning in ways that allow the oppressions already in place to continue to play out unchallenged in our schools in society”. The way Kumashiro defined common sense to myself means that we regularize the practice of “othering” individuals due to their culture, religion, traditions, and even their own common senses.  For example, how he was perceived by members of the community and school he taught at would look at him and wonder why he was not following their norms, and would other him and find him peculiar. 

    It is important to pay attention to common sense so that we as educators are not oppressing others, and not sticking to the traditions that people have built after colonizing this country. As well as common sense can allow us as educators to gain more understanding of how different cultures practise everyday tasks, and comparing them to our own. For example how Kumashiro mentioned how education was strictly based around the textbook, and one section per day, and that students would only focus their work on textbook assignments and complete them before assigned. And compare that to how our society focuses on lectures of the “core four” subjects (Science, English, Mathematics, and Social Studies).

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